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Small Animal Pet Sitting

Regular price $25.00
Small Animal Pet Sitting

Rates and Services

Upon payment of the 25.00 non-refundable deposit, we will schedule a FREE initial consultation to meet with you, review any special instructions, and collect your house keys. More importantly, we will meet with your pets, taking the time to get to know them so that they feel comfortable when we return. (The deposit will be applied to your pet sitting balance.)

Basic Rates

 per 15 minute (short) visit per day.
$45.00 per 30 minute (long) visit per day.
(You can add up to 3 visits per day.)


5  short visits per week: $18 per visit
3-4 short visits per week: $19 per visit
1-2 short visits per week: $25 per visit

5  long visits per week: $39 per visit
3-4 long visits per week: $40 per visit
1-2 long visits per week: $45 per visit

Overnight Pet Visits

Each night is an 8 hour shift @ $75. Late night, and morning play time are included.

Our pet sitting services are limited to small dogs, indoor cats and other small pets. Large dogs are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Longer visits can be arranged for an extra fee upon request. A normal visit includes:

* Play time! Your pet will have lots of fun playing or whatever his/her favorite activity is.

* Potty and exercise time. If you have a yard, we'll let your pet outside to potty and exercise (if appropriate for the type of pet) weather permitting. (Sorry. We do not offer walks in the neighborhood.)

* Replenishment of food and water as needed, along with snack time.

* Litter box waste removal. Including changing the litter as needed, and sweeping up or vacuuming the floor around the cat box, pen or pet cage on a daily basis.

* Accident clean up. Not that we anticipate your pet having an accident, but from time to time it happens. Pets can get a bit nervous when mom and dad are away. We are prepared to clean up so that your pet is in a healthy environment and you come home to a clean, fresh house.

* TLC. Pets need more than food, water, and exercise! Lots of love, attention, kindness, and belly rubs can be expected during each visit.

* Pet Journal. We keep a daily log of your pet's activities so you can read about all the fun we had together. (We can also send email and text updates per request)

* The 'Lived In Look'. Open/close curtains and drapes, rotate lights on and off, play the television and/or radio, pick up mail and newspapers.

* Plants. We'll be happy to water your plants free of charge as long as it can be done during the pet visit time. We do not mow the lawn, do landscaping or other home maintenance activities.

We absolutely LOVE looking after cats, fish, birds, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders...the more the merrier!

Unlike other pet sitting services, we do not charge an extra fee for holidays or multiple pets!

We require a $25 non-refundable deposit in advance to reserve your pet's special vacay. This deposit will go toward all pet sitting services.

We look forward to caring for your best buddy while you are away. Give us a call anytime if you have questions about our services: 832-549-1730.
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