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Flea Away DE

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Flea Away DE

Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Flea Away DE is extremely effective for killing fleas that are hiding in carpets, either in your home or even outside where your pets might enjoy taking a rest. If you don’t have any carpets, Flea Away DE can also be used on hardwood floors as a very effective way to kill off any flea infestations that may have found its way into your life. Flea Away DE can be used for killing fleas in your garden. Just remember to use it when the grass is completely dry as moisture will significantly reduce its effectiveness. This product is great for situations where you want to use natural methods for flea control. Avoid the many dangers of using flea poisons, both for your pet and the people in your home.

Flea Away DE is also effective against various household and garden pests including: Ants, Bedbugs, Silverfish, Flour Beetles, Fleas, Cockroaches, Slugs, Earwigs, Centipedes, Millipedes, Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Carpet Beetles, Spiders, Crickets, Colorado Potato Beetles and Caterpillars, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Earwigs, Flour Beetles, Grain Beetles, House Flies, Millipedes, Pillbugs, Silverfish, Sowbugs, and Spiders.

Diatomaceous Earth is a formula composed of fossilized microscopic diatoms also known as silicon dioxide. Diatomaceous Earth acts by lacerating the exoskeleton of insects that come in contact with the product, causing dehydration, resulting in the death of the insect. Diatomaceous Earth is not harmful to humans, animals or food when label directions are followed.

12oz. Container


Pet Dogs, Cats, Kitten, and Puppies Apply only to a completely dry pet. Lift up sprinkle spout. Turn container upside down holding it no more than 2 inches from your pet's body. Gently shake one time dispensing Flea Away DE from the back of the neck along the backbone of your pet using 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of your pet's weight. (Ex: 3 teaspoons for 30 lbs. pet). Applying to backbone area first gently massage Flea Away ®DE into the skin area going against the grain of your pets' fur then gently massage into all other areas including head, ears (avoid eye and inner ear area), neck, tailbone, belly, legs, and feet. Repeat application weekly if needed

Home and Carpet For best results use on dry carpet * Carpet - Vacuum first to bring fibers to the surface. Lift up sprinkle spout dispenser no more than 2 inches from carpet surface and shake approximately 1/2 teaspoon of Flea Away DE onto 3 ft. x 3 ft. of carpet. Using a rug rake or broom very gently but thoroughly spread and brush Flea Away into fibers and matting of carpet. Repeat for every 3 ft. x 3 ft. of carpet. Vacuum the entire carpet 48 hours after each application to remove any excess dust. Repeat application again in one week. Once a month thereafter. * Sofa, couch, upholstery, chairs - If your pet is allowed in these area, there are fleas living under cushions and in the cracks and crevices. Simply take Flea Away DE and rub into these areas once a month. No vacuuming is needed. * Pet bedding - Rub Flea Away DE into cushions, cracks, and crevices once a week. No vacuuming is needed.

Yard and Outdoor Pet Areas Use approximately one bottle per 400 sq. ft. of yard. Be sure to remove yard debris and keep grass moved short in shady spots. Re-apply every 2-3 week in target areas if flea infestation is severe, or if you live in an area with a long flea season.

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