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Bully Gnawers

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Bully Gnawers - PetProductDelivery.com
Bully Gnawers - PetProductDelivery.com
Bully Gnawers - PetProductDelivery.com


Get your paws on some Gnawers! 100% natural, free-range, grass-fed beef is sourced for these tasty, satisfying, & highly beneficial Bully Gnawers. Your dog’s tail will be waggin’ all day long once they get their teeth on these gnawers.

Did you know that there are actually a lot of benefits behind your pup’s chewing habit? With the help from our pup-approved gnawers, you can save your shoes and furniture while treating your dog to clean, healthy, chewing enjoyment!


100% grass fed, free range, beef pizzle

Six to choose from:

6" braided

6" skinny

6" thick

12" braided

12" skinny

12" thick

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