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Archetype - Rabbit

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Archetype - Rabbit
Archetype is the original raw dog and cat food
diet from Wysong, and emulates the food canines
and felines eat in the wild – the diet they are
genetically programmed for. 

  • Archetype, first and foremost, is not heated above
  • 118o Fahrenheit – a True Non-Thermal freeze-dried
  • raw product!
  • Starch Free and meat-based, and thus does not
  • contribute to the common carbohydrate diseases in
  • the modern companion animal community.
  • Contains meats, plant nutrients, nutraceuticals,
  • prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and an
  • array of micronutrients.
  • Fats that are naturally protected against free
  • radical/oxidation degradation.
  • High in natural protein and fat content.
  • Free of non-nutritional additives used by
  • manufacturers to create color, texture, stool
  • consistency, or shelf-life.
  • Rich in proteins and amino acids.
  • Designed to achieve optimal nutrition that is
  • beyond minimal regulatory standards for
  • so-called “100% complete and balanced” diets.
  • Most importantly... Wysong Works!

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