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Scratch 'n Shapes Christmas Tree, Giant (2-in-1) Scratcher

Precio habitual $153.99
Scratch 'n Shapes Christmas Tree, Giant (2-in-1) Scratcher
Scratch 'n Shapes Christmas Tree, Giant (2-in-1) Scratcher

Boasting three feet of vertical scratching surfaces on two sides, and a “kitty tunnel” for horizontal scratching and play, the Giant Christmas Tree is the ultimate cat amusement center. This shape’s sturdy design will withstand climbing, and is great for homes with multiple cats. Adds a festive touch to holiday home decor. Made in the USA from recycled paper and 100% recyclable with cardboards after use. Labels are printed with eco-sol soy-based inks. Includes a bag of ultra-potent, Pure, All-Natural catnip.

• Scratch, play & snooze!
• 2-in-1 Design

Size: 19" long x 12" wide x 33.5" tall

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