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HappyBond Power Food 14.1oz. jars / case of 12

Precio habitual $143.99
HappyBond Power Food 14.1oz. jars / case of 12
HappyBond Power Food 14.1oz. jars / case of 12
HappyBond Power Food 14.1oz. jars / case of 12
HappyBond Power Food 14.1oz. jars / case of 12

Mix with Kibble for a Super Palatability Enhancement, or Serve Straight as a Top Shelf Moist Food

Tip: If your dog is a finicky eater spread Power food on a LickiMat cover with kibble and watch both disappear

Preservative-free & shelf-stable food you can trust. Each jar filled with premium, gently cooked, human-grade ingredients are sealed tightly for freshness. Refrigerate only after the "POP!"

  • No Fillers
  • No additives 
  • No synthetic vitamins
  • No preservatives

A delicious meal for your best furry friend! Simple ingredients that you can understand!

HAPPYBOND's Power Food is...

  • Human grade
  • Real ingredients
  • Real meat chunks, breast and thigh meat
  • 70% protein
  • Balanced and complete AAFCO guidelines
  • Sustainable and safe packaging in reusable glass jar
  • Shelf stable, the convenience to free up your freezer and fridge space
  • No preservatives, synthetic vitamins or artificial flavors or additives
  • Essential ingredients - only what they really need

1 - 14.1oz. jar feeds a 40lb. dog

Feed 1/4 jar for every 10lbs.

Three great flavors to choose from

Beef and Broccoli

Tons of benefits through real beef chunks and sardines. Loaded with Omega fatty acids your pup will get all the benefits. 70% beef & sardines paired with pearled barley, fresh carrots, spinach and Norwegian salmon oil 

Chicken and Rice Casserole

 68% protein (breast & thigh) paired with fresh carrots, brown rice, spinach and Norwegian salmon oil, it is the perfect choice for our sensitive and fussy eaters.

Tenderloin and Sweet Potatoes

Grain free formula contains 65% lean pork tenderloin paired with soothing sweet potato and pumpkin. Broccoli and spinach adds an extra yummy flavor to this clean and lean entrée for the grain free lovers out there! 

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