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Long Cat Tail 36" Feather Toy

Normaler Preis $8.99
Long Cat Tail 36" Feather Toy - PetProductDelivery.com

Your cat will love this toy! It's great fun for both you and your feline friend, providing hours of exercise that will help keep your cat healthy for years. Wave it back and forth over their heads and watch them jump wildly in the air! Swish it in front of their noses to see them get on their haunches and swat at it with both paws! Drag it along the ground around them and watch them run madly in a circle (not recommended on slippery floors!) Use only with supervision or your cat will literally love it to pieces!

Marabou feather boa with Hackle feathers
Go Cat Feather Toys is a trusted leader in quality cat toys
Guaranteed to dazzle your kitty
Hand crafted in the USA

Assorted Colors

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