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Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray

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Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray
Essential Oil Dog Calming Spray - 2.5oz - Naturally Relaxes and Provides Anti-Anxiety Relief for Hyper Active Dogs - Made in USA
  • Calming Aromatherapy- Contains essential oils that instantly transform the demeanor of your dog to one of tranquility and calmness
  • Safe and Non Toxic - Contains no harsh chemicals or sedatives
  • Natural Essential Oils - Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vetiver, and Clary Sage
  • Easy Use - Apply to your pet's chest or lower back for fast acting relief - Can also be sprayed on bedding
  • Made in the USA

Directions: May be sprayed directly onto dog on their lower back and/or on their chest below their face. Can also be sprayed on bedding. Do NOT spray directly toward face or head.

Ingredients: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vetiver & Clary Sage

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