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Topper für Hunde

Pacific Whiting Fillets 3 oz. / case of 10

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Pacific Whiting Fillets 3 oz. / case of 10

Both Dogs and Cats love Freeze Dried Pacific Whiting Fillets.

Each 3 oz. package is approximately a full pound of raw meat before moisture is removed.

These freeze-dried, grain-free meat treats are a healthy snack for both dogs and cats. Made from human-quality, USDA meats, these treats possess the nutrition and flavor of raw meat, yet there's no need for refrigeration. Keep in sealed bag and in a cool, dry, dark place.

For Dogs and Cats
•These convenient easy to feed pieces can be used dry as a training treat or a between-meals snack.
•Reconstitute by soaking in a dish of tepid water and use as a savory meal topper.
•Because they are simply raw meat, they can be used as a meal replacement when boarding or traveling.

Ingredients: 100% Pacific Whiting Fish.

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