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CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen

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CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen
CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen
CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen

The CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen combines organic, GMO-free, broad-spectrum hemp, including naturally occurring CBD, with MSM, Lemon Myrtle, & other beneficial ingredients to provide soothing relief for your pets!

Transdermally applied for accurate dosing every time!

How to apply: Each pump or dose contains 2 mg of CBD. Apply 1 pump/20 lbs to the inner ear of your pet and rub in. Approximately 20 minutes for dosage to sink in.

Dosing: 1 pump = 2 mg dose of CBD | Apply 2 mg per 20 lb up to 3x/day

The Power of Lemon Myrtle & MSM! 

Lemon myrtle has been used by Aborigines for centuries to combat their joint pain and anxiety. Lemon myrtle and MSM have proven to further support muscle & joint inflammation, hot spots and more… Plus, it smells GREAT!

The Pusillo Impact!

World-Renowned Formulations by Dr. Gary Pusillo, MS, PHD, PAS, ACAN, Board Certified Animal Nutritionist

Dr. Pussilo is a leading animal nutritionist, having developed over 2,000 animal product formulations over his 35+ year career. His expertise has contributed to 17 Kentucky Derby winners with numerous awards in the equine community. His formulations are the basis for some of the most successful animal pharmaceutical nutrition and natural health care products in the world!

How does it work?

Unlike edibles, which only allow for limited CBD absorption, this CBD Pet Care is applied transdermally for a complete/faster absorption! Each pen contains 50 'pumps' of gel, each with 2mg of CBD. Apply the gel to the inner ear of your pet and rub in completely.

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